Breaking: Risk Rating 2.0 Rate Release Delayed

Breaking: Risk Rating 2.0 Rate Release Delayed
Public release of Risk Rating 2.0 rates delayed- Implementation timeline remains the same.
On July 30th, FEMA announced that the public release of the new flood insurance premium rates under Risk Rating 2.0 (Equity in Action) will be delayed to at least August 16th.  Rates were originally going to be made available August 1st.
This means that while the Write Your Own (WYO) insurance companies have access to the rates and are testing connections to the FEMA rating engine, insurance agents and others do not yet have rates available for quoting and binding insurance policies.
This is a developing story, and rates may be further delayed.  The MCC will update you as this develops.  Stay tuned to your source of flood information for more. 

NOTE: While the release of rates is delayed, the implementation of Risk Rating 2.0, which begins October 1st 2021, is not delayed.  Implementation timelines along with other information can be found here: FEMA Risk Rating 2.0 Website

For the MCC Risk Rating 2.0 page with the most recent downloads and more, go HERE.