MCC Annual Meeting Recap

MCC Annual Meeting Recap
Thank you for making our Annual Meeting a success!  Watch the meeting and download the slides. 
This year, our Annual Meeting for 2020 was held on January 13th, 2021.  Our meeting was filled with new and updated information about what the MCC plans to do in 2021, what we did in 2020, a vote on the 2021 members of the Board of Directors, and an amazing keynote from Dr. Carolyn Kousky, Executive Director of the Wharton School of Risk as this year’s keynote speaker.
 The entire Annual Meeting was recorded and can be accessed on our Youtube channel
Watch The Annual Meeting
Dr. Kousky’s slides from her keynote are available on our website
Download Dr. Kousky’s Slides
Meet our 2021 elected Board Members, voted in by attending members of our Annual Meeting! 
Nate DillTim Williams
Kevin Harris